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Outsource Staffing and Maximize your Company Growth

Atix Staffing acts as an extension to your company’s HR to provide the right candidates for your manpower needs. Our experienced team offers recruitment services for the manufacturing, distribution, logistics, maintenance, management and hospitality industries.

Transform your HR with ATIX Staffing

Take your HR deliveries to the next level with a solution that can keep your team focused on business strategies.

With the services of ATIX Staffing, your company can outsource professionals for seasonal periods or specific projects, fill key positions on a temporary or permanent basis, with processes that are immersive in your culture and aligned with the performance expectations and technical skills required.

Optimize your your HR department

Stay focused on business strategies

Immerse your company culture

Flexibility in managing employees


How our services can help your business

We focus on our clients’ needs to offer a partnership of excellence and generate positive results.

With ATIX your company will have access to a diverse and qualified CV database. Our team of Recruitment and Selection specialists are concerned with guaranteeing a good experience for the candidate, with processes that are immersive in your culture and aligned with the performance expectations and technical skills required.


Some of the benefits that Atix Staffing offer to existing and new customers are:

We focus on value over headcount, invest in understanding your goals, prioritize relationships, and specialize in core areas. We are flexible and available when you are.

Employer Brand

Improve your candidates' experience and contribute to your "Employer Brand".

Reduce investment

Reduce your operating costs and turn them into investment.

Focus competencies

Focus your HR team on developing team competencies.


Understand candidates' capabilities by evaluating their skills before making a hiring decision. Choose us for a smarter approach to staffing.

Contingency Search

Our personalized approach results in a successful placement and lasting relationship with your new employee.

Temp Staffing

With our rapid response times, you'll never have to face a staffing shortage again. We’ll give you more candidates to consider for every role.


We offer a range of services to fit or customize your needs.

Access to Talent

We are experts in acquiring, managing, and placing high-level candidates. Our goal is to find the best talent for your HR needs. Let us help you succeed.

Market Knowledge

Human Resources requires market knowledge to attract and retain talent, define compensation, carry out trainings and make informed decisions.

About Us

Join our team if you're passionate about helping others. Introduce yourself if interested.

Atix is a South American word from the Incas with a powerful meaning , “A person who desires, acts, and achieves” that’s why in Atix we believe that every person is able to achieve their personal goals.

At ATIX, we’re in the business of fulfillment. We’re not just talking about jobs, but we do that, too. We’re talking about people and what they want to achieve. When you’re fulfilled, you’re happy. When you’re happy, you do your best work, helping individuals, companies and communities thrive.


Feedback from our partners

We take pride in our ability to achieve success and provide the necessary resources to help you achieve it as well.

I’ve been working at ATIX as a Sales Manager, and I must say it has been a fantastic experience so far. The work environment is both dynamic and collaborative, and one of the standout aspects of working here is the incredible team spirit. The management team has created great values, open communication and encourages personal and professional growth. Thank you to the entire team for making this a great place to work!

    Maria Blasco

    This is a great agency, the team is very excellent they have respect for people and are very kind they give a very good atención and communication to the people, I recommend them .. 😉..

      Maritza P

      The staff have been amazing and extremely helpful thus far. I look forward to continuing our relationship with them moving forward.

        Jasmine Chery

        Muy profesionales en su labor. Excelente atención durante todo el proceso de la aplicación.

          Alexa Mendoza

          They're really good. Trust this

            Gustavo Diaz

            About the Founder

            Patricio Perez

            Founder / Owner

            About the Founder

            Patricio Perez

            Hello, my name is Patricio Perez. I was born in Quito, Ecuador and studied at Polytechnic University where I obtained the title of engineer. I have a degree in business administration and I have specialized in finance, accounting and sales, which are my passions.

            In 2002, I did a market analysis, applied my knowledge of business administration and realized that there was a huge demand for building cleaning and maintenance services. The need for building cleaning and maintenance services in Charlotte, NC, was even greater, since the city is growing by leaps and bounds every day. So I created Y.C.P. Building Maintenance & Cleaning Services to meet the growing needs of businesses and residential cleaning services.

            Focus of service

            ATIX Staffing Solution is the, industrial, warehouse, hotelaria and general labor staffing agency committed to your success.
            Warehouse & Distribution
            Hotel business

            Frequently asked questions

            • The cost to you will vary based on account volume, workers’ comp costs, and lead-time for our staffing managers, Atix Staffing is committed to provide high quality employees to
            your company at a competitive price

            • You will be asked to provide wage information as well as a job description for the position. We will provide a service agreement to you and provide information on our services and our policies.

            Team engineering worker technician, workshop manufacturing, Teamwork in industry factory.
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            We recruit over 300 people every day!

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